On Site Services

Court & Legal


  • ILS can provide legal and Court Interpreters. Our Legal team specializes in Interpreting for trials, depositions, arbitration hearings and client attorney meetings. Our Interpreters are professionally trained and Federal and State Court Certified.   

Medical & Healthcare


  • ILS Interpreters help patients communicate with doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. Our  Interpreters have a strong grasp of medical and colloquial terminology  in both languages, along with cultural sensitivity to help the patient  receive the information.

Schools & Educational


  • Nothing is more important than our children’s education, and ILS can  place  expert professionals in any school system to help parents and kids get more out of their learning experience. 

Insurance Companies


  • In the world of insurance, communication regarding policies and benefits are everything. Our translators and interpreters help your clients  understand every detail of your plans and program.  



  • Corporate clients can count on the ILS team for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation during business meetings, presentations, human resource training, conferences, seminars and more. 



  • Getting your immigration application approved is our number one priority. If you or your client needs assistance for the immigration  interview, our trained interpreters can break through the language barrier and will offer professional guidance to help applicants answer the interviewer’s questions correctly.